Mine Bats has Discontinued Production at this time

Makers of Professional Bats for
Independent Professional Leagues, Semi-Pro Adult Leagues, Youth, High School, and College Players
Sandlot Stiks High Density New American Beech Wood Bats
Made from high quality dense Beech billets, these bats enable batters to prove themselves.

This bat is more explosive on ball contact than any bat I have used in the past 30 years. The sound is
more crisp, the ball harder hit, and just darn angry coming off anywhere near the sweet spot.

Grown in America Hand Made in the USA
American Beech Wood Bats
Authorized Dealer for
SandLot Stiks
Just the Best Wood for Demanding Baseball Leagues, Teams, and Serious Players
Save on durable pro stock Maple, Birch, and the talk of ball players in the know "American Beech Bats"






Life's a Beech Control Your Game


Why we Sell Wood Bats...Because the Rule Book says to! That's how baseball's played!

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